Blog #9

Its Not Just The Support

“And learning communities are not simply about being supportive. For them to be evolutionary, they also require challenge, not as a contest for power, but to ‘help each other and check each others tendencies to purely idiosyncratic or self-interested thinking'” (Johnston 65).

This is so true. Some of the best writers I know, have been challenged so much. I love when teachers challenge my writing because it really does make it better. I remember a professor I had who always set up little workshops after every paper we wrote. It was so much more helpful because after what I thought was the perfect paper i was able to fix it to truly make it perfect.

I met a few first grade students who were extremely advanced for there age and they always wanted to be challenged. These students would actually tell the teacher that the work was too easy for them. This shocked me because they were so young to think that way, but they knew what they needed. Now these students never competed against one another. They just wanted to improve.

Supporting students also plays a huge role in a child’s life. Every student needs to feel supported and challenged by his/her peers and teachers. This will help them succeed.