Blog#8 Any Questions

“By reflecting to the students their comments, the teacher at once validates their voice, shows that she is listening, and opens the possibility for them to reflect on, modify, or challenge what has been said” (Johnston 55).

I love when teachers reflect on a students comment because just like the quote says, it “shows that she is listening.” Its so important that students feel that they are being heard and be able to explain in depth the answer to a question or comment. I’ve had many teachers who have not done this and they just brush off what the students say. One professor I had NEVER called on her students or even invited questions or comments. If a student raised his/her she would ignore it and continue on with her lecture, it was sometimes frustrating because if we had a question about a particular part she wouldn’t let us ask, so it just pushed us back for that class period because we were unable to understand the rest of what was being taught.

For children it’s so important that the teacher pays close attention to his/her students and to elaborate on any questions they might have. This will help their self-esteem and also they will feel that the teacher cares, forcing them to want to learn.


One thought on “Blog#8 Any Questions

  1. That teacher sounds awful! I would hate not being able to ask questions; I know how I feel when teachers take forever to answer my question, and by that time I am so lost and confused I have forgotten what my question is. I think it is a delicate balance, because if the teacher stopped his/her lecture every time someone had a question nothing would ever get accomplished and the students who understood the material would start to get very bored. But if a question goes unanswered, that student is left trying to teach themselves and are probably frustrated.
    It is important for a teacher to reflect on his/her teaching style based on students’ comments. If something is not working, it should be modified so that everyone in the class is participating and on track with the material being presented to them.

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