Blog #5 I found myself

“Building an identity means coming to see ourselves the characteristics of particular categories (and roles) of people and developing a sense of what it feels like to be that sort of person and belong in a certain social group.”

I believe that children begin to know who they are as a person once they begin school. The teacher’s and students around the child help him/her shape themselves into that character. This is typically the time children really begin to meet many children and also make new friends. This quote really caught my attention because I feel that I can really relate to it in a sense that I the student am coming to see who I am and who I want to surround myself by.

“Identities such as researcher-in-a-research-community are an important accomplishment of schooling, but also a tool for shaping children’s participation in a classroom.”

Teachers play such a large role in helping shape a child into becoming who they will be. Johnston used an example where the teacher calls himself/herself the “senior researcher” and the students are “assistant researchers.” This helps shape the students because it could make them feel like they can be researchers. I remember in an accounting class I took, the professor never referred to us as students, he referred to us as a accountant assistant. It really made me feel like I was more than just a student and I really could do this.


Blog # 4 Negative Expectations

“Certainly, teaching to normative expectations will mean lots of positive feedback for some students (but not necessarily any new learning) and lots of negative feedback for others” (Johnston 13).

It’s so unfortunate that this happens. However, I feel this happens all the time. Students are told what they are doing wrong and not what they are doing right. These are children who are still learning about who they are and what they like. I feel that giving them negative feedback or feedback on just “improving” things isn’t the best way to help teach a child. Johnston talks about how it doesn’t help make the child want to learn learn new things, but it makes them want to just kind of hide in a bubble and not want to try because they fear getting shut down.

“Much more important is noticing-and helping the students notice- what they are doing well, particularly the leading edge of what is going well” (Johnston 13).

I feel like I was really able to relate to this. I took a storytelling class and a part of that class what having to give feedback to the people who were storytelling that day. We used what is called the sandwich technique; you say something positive followed by something that could be improved and then something positive again. It made the class feel more comfortable to speak their mind and it also helped the performer for their next storytelling.

What To Do, How To Learn

“People who come from different cultural backgrounds often encounter difficulties in their interactions” (Jonson 7).

I was able to relate to this the most because I am Assyrian. Assyrian is the first language I spoke, so in school I spoke Assyrian to all the other little Assyrian children I knew. Looking back on my childhood I remember having a difficult time interacting with the other students. I feel like this made my ability to learn more difficult as well.

I went back to this teachers classroom last year to visit her classroom. I noticed there was one boy in particular who was having a difficult time in class and on the playground. He was a little Hispanic boy and in school for the first time. I noticed he was having a difficult time interacting with the other students and not many students were willing to help him.

“The teacher has to make something of what children say and do. She makes sense for herself, and offers a meaning for her students” (Johnston 5).

The best teacher’s are the ones who can relate to their students. I remember my first grade teacher, she was the best teacher i have ever had. I still remember that her class focused around her students. Recently, I visited her class and I was able to watch her in action. I noticed when she taught language lessons she used examples from the students everyday lives. For example, what the students did during their break.

Artistic Lil’ Builder

“I don’t like dressing sexy for Halloween, I like dressing funny.”

          When I first saw Brittony she looked like a real girly girl, but after talking to her I learned so much more about her. Brittony has such an artistic eye for things. I learned that Brittony is a painter as well as a drawer and the most fascinating thing about her is that she taught herself how to paint and draw. She has been painting for about two years now. Brittony imitates photos and also enjoys drawing black and white pictures. “Painting helps clear my mind” is what Brittony told me. Brittony likes taking black and white photos and making them her own. She does this with certain pictures. An example of it is when she began to tell me about a picture she imitated, but added some things and left other things out; things such as certain lines on the face. She’s painted still objects as well. I also learned that Brittony likes to build and put things together. I haven’t met many women who don’t mind picking up a hammer and getting to work, but Brittony enjoys it. Designing something from nothing is a joy for her. I was able to see how much she truly enjoys art because of the passion in the tone of her voice when she was talking about drawing, painting, and building. Brittony also loves wine and her favorite is a red wine. When drinking wine she must have car max on her lips. As a matter of fact Brittony is obsessed with car max. She has them everywhere including her car and she is constantly using them all the time.

         I learned a lot about Brittony and she seems like a great person. She has such a passion for art and you can see it in her eyes when she begins to talk about. She seems extremely out going and I can see many people getting along with her. Overall, I learned that Brittony is girly, artsy, a builder, wine drinker, and a Chap Stick lover.


Hi my name is Natasha 🙂

I was born and raised in Modesto.

I am extremely close with my mom and sister! They mean the world to me.

Every Monday night is family night. There’s about 15 of us who get together every Monday to watch Pretty Little Liars and eat tacos! We’ve started doing this since the show first came out and we have a blast.

I love to knit. It’s the best stress reliever for me and I have been doing it for years now.

This is Armani! My little baby boy. I bought him from a lady who came into my work. When i saw him with her I knew he had to be mine. He’s the smartest little dog I have ever seen and he’s extremely calm for a chihuahua. Shocking I know!